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It..s with great sadness - and a bit of relief - that I..m telling everone interested in us and our music that Marmalade Souls is breaking up. This is a desicion based on many sleepless nights - pints of Guinness - but first and foremost - that fact that I am the only one left of the original trio.
As you may know - Johanna quit the band last summer right after our last gig at The Cavern - Liverpool. it didn..t come as a surprise to me - being married to her... Nonetheless - it was a hard blow. For quite some time - I really didn..t know what to do - but after a few pints down at Ye Cracke - we decided to continue without her. However - in december - Paddy also felt he wanted out and suddenly everything changed. Sure - I could easily have carried on with Tom & Magnus... get a new drummer .. new songs and release a new album. But it wouldn..t sound like Marmalade Souls. In all the great reviews we have gotten on "In Stereo" (Thanx a lot) - there are two things that ever journalist have cheered about - the sound of our two voices together and our sunshine pop. Had we continued - those two elements would automatically have been excluded from the sound. Nothing wrong with that perhaps.. but it wouldn..t sound like us.
When Johanna and I started the band some 6 years ago - we had a dream and a vision. That dream is now gone together with the vision .. Better to leave it all to rest and start something new - RIGHT?!

I - on behalf of the band - would very much like to thank all the wonderful people that we have met during these years and that helped in one way or another. It..s been a short but exciting ride. David Bash (IPO) for starting it all... Wil Woodrowe ... for believing in us ..helping and caring (rest in peace mate) ... Rainbow Quartz for releasing "In Stereo" ... Wrigholm and all the others for the great press... Thanx for all the wonderful comments made by all our new beautiful friends...see ye soon ... and finally and most important - thank you to all the fans and people who bought (or stole .. haha) our record and came to our shows.... Until we meet again somewhere

Sincerely Yours // Michael Klemmé

Michael Klemmé - vocals, guitars & bass

Johanna Klemmé - vocals & harmonica

Paddy Lawless - drums, percussion

Magnus Wikström - vocals, guitars, piano & organ

Tomas Södergren - bass, guitars & vocals

The Swedish neo-Merseybeat band Marmalade Souls had its start when married couple Michael Klemmé (vocals, guitars & bass) and Johanna Klemmé (vocals & harmonica) began to write music together – back in 2001. In 2005, their six-song demo attracted attention in Sweden, spreading to the U.K. and the U.S. Their live performances featured various backup musicians, among whom they picked Irish expatriate Paddy Lawless (drums, percussion) to become a permanent member in February 2006. They were invited to play at the International Pop Overthrow in May 2006 – held in Liverpool – UK – and were within 6 months signed to New York label Rainbow Quartz Records. Marmalade Souls debut album “In Stereo” was released on September 4, 2007 featuring 14 songs all written by Michael & Johanna
Coinciding with Marmalade Souls debut release, guitarist and singer Magnus Wikström completes the line-up along with Tomas Södergren on bass and guitar.

“In Stereo” has so far received positive acclaim from critics and was well placed in several powerpop charts in 2007. The songs have since their release had frequent airplay on radiostations in the USA and the UK

The music of Marmalade Souls has - by others - been described as timeless popmusic with the sound of the sixties. Add "influenced by old soulmusic and rythm & blues and performed with a lot of close harmonies" and you will get a good idea of the sound. A pretty natural choice concidering the fact that this was the music that influenced them the most growing up.

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