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US - Canada
Today our debute album "in Stereo" is being
released in North America.So if anyone wants a
copy of it, you will find it on the internet -
google on our band name - or simply visit your
local record store. The album is due for Europe
later in the autumn // Thanx
So..it┬┤s finally happening!! We┬┤re really happy
to tell everyone that after some time of business
negotiating and so on...we have just signed a
contract to American label "Rainbow Quartz".

Our full-length-debute ( to be called In Stereo)
is due to be released in America in April - and in
the world some time this late spring / summer.
We┬┤ll be back to tell you the exact date later on

Acoustic as a trio - that is guitars, a tambourine
or two - and Johanna WILL be playing her
harmonica!! Starts at 7...and ONLY if the weather
is nice
The Attic - Accrington UK
We┬┤ll be playing The Attic together with five
other bands. The happening begins at 6 pm and
Marmalade Souls will, proudly of course, enter the
stage around 7:45..pm that is..Free entry
The Cavern Club - Liverpool UK
Last day of the IPO and we┬┤ll be playing at the
very famous Cavern....We┬┤re speechless!! Anyway -
We┬┤ll be performing at "The front stage" (The
Beatles stage) at 5:15. Hope to see you there
05/28/ 2006
Lennon bar - Liverpool UK
Our first performance at the "International Pop
Overthrow (IPO)" in Liverpool - and to you people
who have thought about coming to see us - we┬┤ll
begin to play at 5:45 (that is pm of course ;-D)
05//24 - 29//2006
Liverpool - UK
We ┬┤ve been asked to play the "International Pop
Overthrow" which is being held at "the Cavern
Club" in Liverpool. We┬┤will keep you posted on
the exact date

// Love Marmalade Souls
05 19 2006
Old church - ├ľSTERSUND (S)
Lunch concert that starts at 12.15 pm. We┬┤ll be
playing some new songs... so be there!!
// See you
03 08 2006
Vallbo chapell - JÄMTLAND (S)
Acoustic concert with Johanna, Michael & Paddy.
The gig starts at 7 pm. We┬┤ll see you there //
03 02 2006
Gamla Teatern - ├ľSTERSUND (S)
We will perform acoustic as a duo at
"L├Ąrarf├Ârbundets" annual meeting/party.
// Hejopp
11 24 2005
Scandic Hotel - ├ľSTERSUND (S)
Michael and Johanna will perform acoustic... //
10 29 2005
├ľstersunds Bluesfestival - ├ľSTERSUND (S)
Johanna and Michael will be playing the blues
festival together with Suzanne Michelle (Can ) and
Anders Kronlund. We call the project "The
Honeytones" We will perform songs by giants such
as "Crosby Stills & Nash" and the Queen of gospel
"Mahalia Jackson". We┬┤ll be accompanied by Lars
Ericsson on bass..and drummer Fredrik Longueville.
The gig starts at around 9 pm //See you there
10 22 2005
Plaza nightclub - ├ľSTERSUND (S)
We┬┤ll be playing with full band and the
arrangement is called "Nostalgikv├Ąll" (nostalgia
night i.e). This will also be our first gig with
new drummer - an Irish bloke named Paddy Lawless.
Apart from us three, we will have Anders Kronlund
on guitars / vocals..and Goran "Baga" Backlund on
bass. Please be sure to buy tickets in advance
since the place will probably be full in no time.
We┬┤ll see you there at 11 pm// Hejopp
08 07 2005
├ůs church - Jamtland (S)
Acoustic gig. We┬┤ll be playing both original and
others songs...we start at 7 pm // Hejopp
07 03 2005
Br├Ącke church J├äMTLAND (S)
Acoustic concert...we┬┤ll be mixing original songs
with others... See you there at 7 pm // Hejopp
04 16 2005
Gamla Teatern - ├ľSTERSUND (S)
We have been asked to perform two original songs
acoustic at "Ishockeygalan" which will be held at
Gamla teatern. Sounds like FUN!! // Hejopp
04 15 2005
Old church - ├ľSTERSUND (S)
We┬┤ll be playing a lunch concert arranged by
L├Ąnsmusiken. See you there at 12.15 pm //
Marmalade S
04 14 2005
Potatisbaren- ├ľSTERSUND (SWEDEN)
We┬┤ll be playing acoustic at "Klubb SAM". This
will be the first time we perform original songs
only, infront of a live audiense, so we┬┤re really
excited. The concert starts at 7 pm // Hejopp
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