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A new Marmalade Souls demo arrives in my post box.
After a thorough listen I am left with the conclusion
that Michael and Johanna have done it again. 3 self
penned songs with musical roots firmly planted in the
rich soil of classic Anglo Saxon pop tradition.
It may have been Buddy Holly who led the way with the
now classic combo of 3 guitars and drums and multi
harmony vocals, but it was groups like The Beatles,
The Hollies, the Ivy League and The Who that launched
it into stellar space.
This recording sits comfortably alongside any classic
Swedish pop album of the 60's. The slick understanding
of the genre is underlined at the end of the last
track when somebody shouts "wow" just as the drummer
closes the tune. Is there no-one listening in the
Swedish recording industry? This group should have been
signed long ago. The only negative thing about this
demo is that it’s too short!


ByBy Lennart Wrigholm
Published: MUSIKLANDET.SE 2005-09-18

Marmalade Pop

Marmalade Souls, Michael and Johanna Klemmé have been
active on the scene in Östersund for quite a while.
Now the couple have proven their love of all things:
60's with this 3 track demo without sounding at all
dated. "My heart belongs to you", "Daydreams" and "Yeah
Yeah"(with a stylish intro borrowed from day tripper")
are pop pearls that any American band with a Rainbow
Quartz sticker would be proud of.

ByBy Björn Bostrand
Published: Published: Länstidningen Östersund 2005-06-02

Marmalade Skies

It was all about marmalade in the 60's. The Beatles
sang about it, and how could we forget a famous
Scottish group that took their name from another
Michael and Johanna Klemmé who make up Marmalade Souls
weren't around at the time but they certainly can come
up with the classic pop goods, music with roots in the
60's, like it or not. This couple is proof of the
reserve of talent in this country when it comes to
this kind of music. The harmonies remind me of Nirvana
and as I said, whoever can turn the tried and tested
chords to something new has got something special.
Buddy holly wrote a song called “Words Of Love” and
Come Back” was a title used by The Equals. The
coincidence is certainly unintentional. This material
should definitely be of interest to record companies,
and if this couple get the chance to record an album
then it would be a great contribution to this countries
musical output

ByBy Lennart Wrigholm
Published: Published: MUSIKLANDET.SE 2005-02-21

Marmalade Pop

They are known as Marmalade Skies (sic) and have just
completed a demo consisting of 3 tracks of pure pop
nostalgia to give goose pimples to any Merseybeat
The groups name is borrowed from The Beatles "Lucy In
The Sky With Diamonds". "Words Of Love", "Say Goodbye" and
"Little Fairy Girl" are 3 original tunes where
harmonies, melody and love for the Fab 4 are the
cornerstones. If you don’t believe us then tune in to
P3 Demo 15 of may to hear "Words Of Love" .
Here’s hoping for more songs and live performances.

ByBy Björn Bostrand
Published: www.ltz.se 2004-05-07

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